Thursday, December 2, 2010

On the 2nd day of Christmas, another angel for my tree!

Hello Friends!
I got a late start today, so I am sorry this wasn't posted this morning.
Today's matchbox is so lovely! It came all the way from Kansas.  Patty Powell is the sweetie that made it for me.  Her blog is  I'll be hopping over there soon, so hop on over too!  The matchbox is an angel made from fabric and on the inside is a sweet victorian girl with s snowball in her hand.  Beautiful!  The gift is a pink hair pin with a yo-yo!  And that is perfect, since pink is the most wonderful color of all!!  Thank you so much Patty!!  :) 

I will be away this weekend, but hope to have internet access so I can post Saturday's matchbox.  But, if i don't, I'll post it on Sunday when I get back.


Sunset97 said...

very sweet matchbox and love the yoyo hairpin...!! :)

have a good evening,


Linda said...

so sweet!

Linda K said...

Nice work!

Genie said...

What a precious little box. I love it Happy Holidays from Genie