Saturday, January 22, 2011

Secret Sister goodies!!

Hello There!  My dear hubby got an Ipod for Christmas and after trying to download songs, ended up frying our computer!  So......after many phone calls and trips to the computer store, we are back on line! Seems like we have no end to computer related problems!  Hopefully this is the last!

Anyway..................I have a new Secret Pal this year, from the Dear Jane website!   I received a wonderful package this week and took a picture!  Everything was packaged up in such a cute box! I'll put my cards in that.  The pink pin cushion fits on your wrist. So cute!  The tape measure is perfect, because it is pink with a pink tassle and believe it or not, I didn't own one until now! :)    The mulling spices are wonderful!  I had a little in my tea this morning and it was a taste treat.  And the glass candle. Beautiful. It is the Love chapter from the Bible and I can't wait to light it up in my quiet room.  Here's a funny "small world" thing!  My Secret Pal actually lived in Neenah, Wisconsin while she was little.   She got a little Schnauzer puppy at Thanksgiving, so I know her household must be very busy! :)   And full of puppy fun!   Oh how I love dogs!  :)   

Annabelle and Zoey are ready for their supper, so I'd better go feed the little princesses!


Kimberly said...

What is the Dear Jane website? is that a blog? that looks like a fun swap.

becky said...

Nice goodies in the mail!!

Linda K said...

Annabelle and Zoey are too cute! Maybe they have a "Dear Rover" website where doggies can exchange chewed up toys that they are tired of!

Bon Appetit Bullies!