Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zoey, Checking out my fabrics!

A little view of Zoey's face.  Isn't she precious? :)
So, these are the two bulldogs who are at my side when I am sewing!  Sometimes they play quietly and other times they like to "help" me with my fabrics, thread un-winding, placement of my blocks by sometimes moving them around for me! 

I think I am getting a little better idea of this whole blogging world, so little by little, I'll get better! Oh and soon I'll have a whole new look on my page. I just have to make a few more decisions as to how I want it to look.   Thanks to Michelle at Shabby Creations. She is awesome and is able to take what I can't really explain and put it on my blog page!  The sample she sent me is SO beautiful and I just know you will like it too!  She is fantastic!
That's it for tonight.  Shannon :)


Linda K said...

You couldn't have better helpers than Zoey and Annabelle! Nothing like a bulldog to brighten up your day!

Linda & Ozzie

Cyndi said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a message about my cupcake applique. I'm so glad you came by, and I thought I'd return the favor!

Welcome to blogging. You're doing just fine and the longer you do it, the more things you'll learn and people you'll meet. It's such a fun experience.

Please be sure to come back by my blog...I'll be announcing my give away for June sometime after the 7th (when I get back from vacation) and I'd love for you to enter.

Take good care, and I hope to "see" you again!



P.S. Your doggies are precious!

Sandra Henderson said...

I have this basket of fabrics also! I had to buy them...
Sandi Henderson?!?!
Sandra Henderson :)