Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Hello Friends!
I hope all of you are enjoying your 4th.  It is a good time to remember how lucky we are to have the freedoms that we enjoy.

Annabelle has been doing well with no further seizures.  That has been a total answer to prayer.  Thank you all for your prayers and wishes.  She is sitting on my lap now, while my legs slowly go numb!  Small price to pay for the joy she gives me! 

Zoey is doing good herself!  She is asleep on the couch with her Daddy and is looking SO cute!

I have been doing a little crafting and sewing and that has been fun!  I need to get my sewing room in order again. How do I manage to get it clean one minute and messy the next?  Must be all that creativity!! :) 
Here is a picture of Zoey when she first discovered her love of flowers, like her Mom!

Take care!


Cyndi said...

Hi Shannon! So happy to hear that Annabelle is doing well, and Zoe looks adorable smelling that flower!

As to the sewing room, well, I can't help you there. Mine stays a mess!!! :o)

Have a wonderful day!



Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Shannon! So good to hear from you. Trish from Notes of Sincerity had the song on her blog and I had just heard it at a Beth Moore conference (a girl sang it there too) so I was thrilled to discover it as well. A powerful message. Hope you are having a happy 4th!

Linda K said...

Glad to hear Annabelle is doing well. Zoey is too precious! Enjoy your 4th of July holiday!

A Write Life said...

Awesome photo! I love it. Too cute. Still on vacation, but had to sneak a peek while everyone is sleeping.